Nation’s comedy fans desperately hoping someone has a photo of Mrs Brown’s Boys wearing blackface

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As more and more comedy shows find themselves removed from our screens, discerning comedy fans across the country are keeping everything crossed that someone, somewhere, unearths a photo showing the cast of Mrs Brown’s Boys wearing blackface.

With Little Britain removed from Netflix and a public apology from the creator of Bo Selecta, there is real hope that one photograph could be enough to remove Mrs Brown’s Boys from the nation’s screens forever.

“I have nothing against the cast Mrs Brown’s Boys personally,” explained comedy fan, Simon Williams.

“I’m sure that off-screen they’re all lovely people. But watching a single episode is enough for me to consider self-harming.

“By the end of an episode I’m not only suicidal, but I’m also fearful for the state of the country given just how wildly popular the show is.  Then I tell myself that 17 million people voted for Brexit and it all starts making sense.

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“Did you know that people – actual living human people who watch TV and are able to vote – decided that Mrs Brown’s Boys was the comedy of the century? Isn’t that just baffling and distressing in equal measure?

“Society would be better off if we just deleted from history. Yes, I know that sounds a bit fascist-y, just trust me, I’d be doing it for your own good.

“You can relax, nothing bad ever came from someone in a position of power deciding what people should and should not be allowed to watch.”

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