Dominic Cummings’ family did ‘what any decent property developers would do’ when the rules say you don’t have permission to build

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Dominic Cummings’ family has claimed they did ‘what any decent property developers would do’ when constructing a cottage on their property without planning permission.

Officials have found that there were breaches of planning regulations on the estate where Dominic Cummings stayed during his breaches of coronavirus regulations on his lockdown jaunt to Durham.

A member of the family, who has chosen to remain nameless, Simone Williams, unremorsefully said, “Obviously, same as last time, this is just another example of the rules not applying to us.

“As a family, we always prefer to rewrite the rules, rather than abide by them. Subsequently, we don’t abide by those rules, because we’re all mavericks who don’t play by the rules, even if they’re our rules.

“I don’t think you can criticise anyone for acting on a builder’s instinct just because the rules say you shouldn’t be building anything.  There is definitely wiggle room there.

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“Besides, Dominic didn’t build any of the cottage in question. Obviously, he only built the walls of the first storey, but that was to test if his eyesight was working properly. Once he’d completed the ceiling and installed all the double-glazing, he decided it was fine.

“Then he proceeded to tear it all down, rather than continuing, as that made more sense to him to then build the entire thing from scratch, as he’d confirmed his eyesight was okay.

“Obviously he stopped for 15 minutes so his son could have a piss in the lounge.”

Mr Cumming denied any wrongdoing and smirked as he left the room.

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