Daily Mail reader furious at attempts to take down statues of people he has never heard of

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Simon Williams, a staunch Brexiteer and guitarist in a Status Quo tribute band, has taken to social media to claim that the removal of the statue of a man he has never heard of is a sign of political correctness run amok and “how the Nazis started.”

From his Facebook page, Mr Williams explained that it would be historical vandalism to remove the statue of Cecil Rhodes, a man Mr Williams knows absolutely nothing about, despite having no end of spare time to Google him and learn some basic facts.

“We need to stand up to the woke Taliban. First, they take down the statue of that Colston lady and now they want to go after Cecil Roads? Enough is enough. These thugs will never be satisfied and the more you let them get away with it then the more they demand.

“Old Cecil is part of this country’s heritage and if he’s got a statue in Oxford then I’m sure he wrote some really clever books. Just like Andy McNab.

“Or maybe he invented something Victorian involving steam which is why we must keep his statue around so that someone who cares can do some research on him.“

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Mr Williams was adamant that to allow the destruction of effigies of historical figures about whom he had been completely oblivious until recently, was a sign of an impending dictatorship.

“We all remember Hitler and Goering running around pulling down statues and kneeling all over the place. We’ve seen what horrors lie down that dark road which is why I think we should send in the army and shoot the protesters.

“It’s what Cecil would have wanted.”

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