We’ll let you know when you can protest, white people tell black people

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White people around the world have decided that, due to the dangers of coronavirus, it is unsafe for black people to protest right now.

As such, black people are being asked to put off protests about racism and murder until white people decide it’s acceptable to do so.

“Look, I have some sympathy with black people,” said white person Simon Williams, reasonably convincingly.

“I mean, being murdered by the police sounds awful. Really painful and everything.

“But the thing is, now really isn’t the time for protests like this. You know, coronavirus is still out there and killing people. In fact, the coronavirus kills both black people and white people, so in many ways, it’s even more dangerous than the American police at the moment.

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“And because this coronavirus actually threatens white people as well, it’s more serious than the whole Black Lives Matter thing, and I think black people need to accept that now really isn’t the time to do all these protests.”

However, Mr Williams was happy for the protests to continue when white people decide it’s safe.

He went on, “Just wait until we’re all happy that the coronavirus is gone and then it’ll be fine for black people to get right back to protesting.

“Although, if they could do it outside of commuting times that would be a big help, because some of us have to get to work.”

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