Britain First demand that muslim women cover their faces on public transport

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In a surprising u-turn, racists are demanding that the people they don’t like should cover their faces when in public.

Simon Williams, far-right activist and frequent angry face emoji user had this to say, “Far from being threatening and anti-British in the way only foreign things can be, face masks are now a rule imposed by good old Boris.

“So now I think it’s absolutely disgusting that people, including Muslim women, are flouting those rules by not covering their faces on public transport.

“Previously I was very much outraged by the oppression I assumed women in burkas were being subjected to by a medieval belief system that has no place in modern society.

“But now I see it as completely necessary and Britain First members with nothing better to do will be patrolling bus stations, enforcing the rules where necessary.  If we see any Muslim women with the faces not covered up, rest assured we will do what is necessary to put her right on how the British behave in public.

“We will also be policing our neighbourhoods for evidence of extramarital sex. Which is coincidentally banned in several religions but is no longer tolerated in England, as of six weeks ago.

“Plus, I have to admit, that chlorinated chicken that they are importing soon doesn’t sound all that safe, so I’m probably going to be eating halal from now on. It might make me feel like a stranger in my own country but at least it won’t taste like a municipal swimming pool.”