Boris Johnson: Protests subverted by protesters

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that some anti-racism protests have been ‘subverted by protesters’ after scenes emerged yesterday of people protesting against racism at protests around the country.

He said that people had the right to protest against racism, but taking to the streets, marching, and chanting anti-racism slogans was a ‘betrayal’ to the original cause.

“Of course, people have the right to protest,” he explained.

“But, so far as I can see, these so-called protests were nothing more than an excuse for people to take to the streets and shout about racism.

“It looks to me like any legitimate protests were infiltrated, or subverted, by protesters determined to raise awareness of racism and perhaps even try and change it.

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“I don’t think that decent people should have to put up with that.”

Simon Williams, a Tory supporter from Upper Lower Bottom in Wiltshire, agreed.

“I think it’s a ruddy disgrace. Yes, racism is quite bad, I suppose, and if people want to protest about it then that’s fine.

“But these protests were clearly infiltrated by an element who want nothing more than to use mass action to try and force through a change in attitude or policy.

“It’s not on, and I hope that the police use all their powers to put a stop to it.”

Boris has urged people who feel strongly about racism, or any other subject, to protest quietly in their own homes where they won’t cause any inconvenience.

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