Blues Brothers added to list of terror organisations after attack on Illinois Nazis

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Following a trail of devastation which left 104 police cars destroyed and two members of the Illinois Nazi party missing presumed dead, the US State Department has added the Blues Brothers Band to their list of terror organisations today.

The FBI has suggested the band follow a classic small-unit terrorist cell structure with eight core members plus a heavy-armed female accessory, none of whom know what their leaders are doing or where they are at any given moment.

After group leaders drove their car at a peaceful demonstration by the Illinois Nazi party this weekend, the government realised it was time to act.

“The leaders of this shadowy organisation are understood to be motivated by fear of a powerful religious leader known by the codename ‘The Penguin’, and claim to be on ‘a mission from God’,” said White House spokesman Simon-Bob-Williams.

“They have a history of criminal activity, including armed robbery, tax evasion and property damage,” he went on.

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“Plus we have evidence of them adopting false identities as a country and western band to defraud the public.

“We’ll be deploying thousands of troops from the National Guard to Chicago to bring these terrorists to justice.

“Don’t worry, nothing can go wrong.”