Conor McGregor announces his annual retirement

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Conor McGregor has announced his retirement from UFC slightly earlier than usual this year.

McGregor, whose retirements are a much-loved fixture of the sporting calendar, moved his announcement up a few months to get some all-important air-time as he felt his profile was slipping.

McGregor says he plans to step down as the weather has been quite nice recently and he fancies some time in the beer garden before announcing his return to the ring again later in the year.

He told reporters that resignation would give him a chance to be ‘the real me’, and somehow made it sound like an improvement.

McGregor went on to say that he intends to break the mould of ‘retired sportsman’ by getting a well-paid job as a talking head and soundbite-generator for daytime game shows and A Question of Sport.

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BREAKING NEWS: Conor McGregor has just told reporters he plans to stage a well-paid comeback fight again immediately, saying the UFC has ‘completely gone to shit’ in the twenty minutes since he left.