Donald Trump vows to end riots over killing of unarmed black man, by having the military to shoot at unarmed black men

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Donald Trump has vowed to bring an end to large scale protests and rioting across America over the police killing of an unarmed black man, by bringing in heavily armed military to shoot at unarmed black men.

As civil unrest across America continued for the seventh day, the US President addressed the nation last night to say that he would quickly end the rioting with severe military force, before posing for some lovely pictures next to a church.

“I am aware that many thousands of people are unhappy at the killing of an unarmed black man by our State police, which is a terrible thing, but this rioting must end now, or we really will have to shoot them all,” he said.

“I am a friend of non-violent protesters, well, except for the non-violent protesters being tear-gassed outside the White House gates right now.  Or those non-violent footballers who decided to kneel during our anthem – not that sort of non-violent protest.

“The sort of non-violent protest that can’t be seen or heard, or that can in any way reflect badly on me.”

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“Look, I can understand that people are angry, and as your President of Law and Order I want to stop that anger.

“I have therefore decided that the only way to stop people protesting and rioting over police brutality and racial inequality in our beautiful country, is to instruct our heavily armed military to work with the police in ending these protests by violently beating and shooting any of the protesters who fail to comply.”

Asked if he feels that this may insight even more protests he told us, “No, we are going to shoot at everyone, not just the blacks.”

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