Man who loves free speech really unhappy when people use it to disagree with him

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A man who makes a really big deal about how important he thinks free speech is, continues to have a massive hissy fit if anyone uses theirs to call out his bullshit, it has emerged.

Donald Trump, who is the president of the United States, seems to be under the impression that free speech means he gets to say what he likes and that other people are oppressing him by telling him he’s talking bollocks.

Trump, whose bio includes his job title so you can’t help but know how important it is, responded with fury when other Twitter users used their own free speech to publicly correct him for spouting a whole heap of easily disproved nonsense and fact-free opinion under the guise of ‘open debate’.

Responding to suggestions that his beliefs about fraud from mail-in ballots appear to be largely the product of his own imagination and unsupported by either the observations of science or the evidence of his own eyes, Trump called his critics Fascists who are trying to fix the election.

“I think it’s important that people are allowed to express challenging ideas and they should be free to be heard in a public forum,” he said shortly before ragequitting because someone challenged his freely-shared ideas in a public forum.

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He added, “This is what’s wrong with society – if I ran the Internet it would be a true meritocracy where my ideas would be given their chance to shine, and everyone would think for themselves and agree with me.”

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