Man who lives in a compound with a basement full of guns says he won’t live in fear

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Local survivalist and doomsday prepper Simon-Bob Williams refuses to live his life in fear, it has emerged.

Simon-Bob, who refuses to recognise the risk of the coronavirus, took to the streets heavily armed to protest his right to live without being scared all the time before returning to his compound which sits behind 9-foot tall barbed-wire fences.

“I refuse to be scared by the lies of the media!” he told us over a heavily encrypted internet link.

“I’m not going to leave my bunker without my guns until other folks wise up and stop being so frightened of everything.

Williams, who has almost forty years of preserved food stockpiled just in case the commies come for him, reckons he could hold out against the government ‘for months and months’ when Hillary takes over.

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“I won’t have no vaccine because it says on the web Bill Gates and George Soros will use it implant a tracking chip so they know when I go to Trader Joes or a titty bar, and mark my words they will use that against me.”

“And don’t none of you try and make me! I’ve got spring-guns and man-traps set up all over my property so I’m ready for the big one when it comes.

“I’m not afraid like you sheep. No, siree.”