Parliament and other non-essential activities to reopen in June

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Next month will see the reopening of things which society could take or leave – such as Parliament.

Institutions and businesses we could easily live without like Parliament and WH Smith are to be fully open by the middle of June, albeit with special measures in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Non-essential retailers will be back in business on June 15th while all non-essential MPs are expected to be back in Westminster by June 2nd.

Political Analyst Simon Williams examines how the superfluous activities of the House of Commons will look different in a socially distanced and hygienic world.

“Parliament is going to look weird and even a bit scary,” he said. “And I don’t just mean the Conservative front benches.

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“Hand sanitiser will be available at all entrances so MPs can easily wash their hands of their constituents’ concerns.

“To limit the number of people in the House at the same time, a ‘one-in, one-out’ system will be in place. For example, when Keir Starmer goes in for Prime Minister’s Questions, Boris Johnson will come out.

“There will also be screens up between MPs to prevent them being drenched in Boris’ dribble as he spits and harrumphs his way through his latest mountain of bluster and nonsense.

“Physical movements will also be restricted. For example, Jacob Rees-Mogg will have to sleep in an upright position rather than invading the seating areas of his colleagues.”

However, despite the new measures, there are still concerns that the busy Commons schedule – set by Rees-Mogg – will endanger older and more vulnerable MPs, particularly during crowded votes.

Have lessons from the care homes debacle been learned or have the elderly and disabled been forgotten once again?

“The who and what now?” asked Boris.