Dominic Cummings never admits to being wrong and is incapable of apologising, says man who supported Jeremy Corbyn

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A man who drove his party into a tree and took no responsibility is being criticised by supporters of a man who drove his party into a tree and took no responsibility, it has emerged.

Corbyn supporter Simon Williams hit out at Tory advisor Dominic Cummings after he failed to apologise for completely undermining his party’s credibility with the electorate whilst failing to see any irony in that position.

“It’s important that people put their hand up and acknowledge when their own pigheaded refusal to change in any way whatsoever results in catastrophe,” Williams told us.

“Just look at Cummings, assuming that it’s the people who vote who are wrong, rather than him. It’s a mystery to me how anyone could ever support someone like that.

“Next he’ll be saying that he’s ‘won the argument’ whilst everything everyone tried to build around him comes crashing down, or some other stupid, asinine comment like that.”

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