Dominic Cummings lying low in Durham until all this blows over

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Dominic Cummings has made another trip to Durham based on his instincts as a father, according to reports.

After facing multiple calls for him to resign over allegations that he took two trips to visit his mummy during lockdown, and following a disastrous press conference yesterday, the chief aide to Boris Johnson was spotted hot-footing it up the A1M towards Durham again first thing this morning.

“It was about six o’clock this morning when I saw him leave,” said Simon Williams, one of his neighbours.

“I was walking the dog in the early hours and saw him loading up his car. I said ‘Hi Dom!’ as I walked past but he just jumped like a startled deer, coughed in my face and then hopped in the car and drove off.”

A source near Dominic’s mother told us, “Dominic pulled up outside their massive estate just after 11am, so he must have made good time.

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“Almost as if there was no-one on the motorways or something. Maybe they don’t need to waste all that money fixing the A66 after all?”

They added, “He greeted her with a big hug, a kiss on the cheek, and then the now-customary cough in her face.”

According to reports now emerging from the Barnard Castle area, a man matching Dominic Cummings’ description has just driven his car into a tree.

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