Donald Trump furious as 100,000 dead Americans distract from the sweet birdie he got at the 14th hole

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The pugnacious president has once again taken to Twitter so as to lambaste the press for making a big fuss about COVID-19 killing 100,000 Americans and not even mentioning his amazing skill with a wedge that allowed him to shoot a personal best at his Virginia golf course.

In a series of late-night tweets, Donald Trump maintained that the American people wanted to know how his new graphite driver worked out but were denied such news as the mainstream media insisted on whining about death tolls and other boring things.

On Fox News, several pundits agreed with the president that refusing to explain just how difficult it is to get over the sandtrap on the 14th was profoundly unamerican. As confirmed Brock Williams, host of the popular show Freedom Talk.

He went on, “One again the lamestream media show how much they hate the USA by pointing out that COVID-19 has killed more Americans than the Vietnam and Korean wars combined.

“Honest patriots don’t want to hear the Washington establishment put this country down. They want to know that their president is so confident in the future of this great nation he can spend a whole afternoon hitting a ball up and down a big field with a stick.

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“As other leaders run around having meetings and talking to Deep State actors like doctors, our President shows the world that Americans will not let a hundred thousand dead take them away from walking around in silly trousers and calling it a sport.”

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