“I’ve had my human rights taken from me!” says man freely protesting in a public space

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Local protester Simon Williams took the streets yesterday to protest that he’s not being allowed on the streets.

Simon, who associated with almost two dozen like-minded rebels during his protest, added that he was being prevented from associating with other people and all his friends with him agreed.

“I’ve come down to the park today to say it is utterly unreasonable that I’m not allowed to come down to the park”, he told us, with a gesture designed to encompass the horrendous power of the state arrayed against him during the walk from his house.

“The government has stripped my right of assembly from me to further their own fascist-Marxist agenda,” he went on, specifically to the assembly with his friends which nobody was trying to prevent.

“If you go out if your house you’ll be harassed by the police or even arrested!”, he added without any manner of hindrance being placed upon him.

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“This country is turning into North Korea or Communist Russia!” he concluded with a wave at a solitary policeman, wearily watching to make sure he didn’t start breaking things.

When asked why they didn’t do anything about Mr William’s brave stand, a police spokesman said they really, really have better things to be doing with their time like dealing with people who are actually breaking the law.