Donald Trump may never go away, warns World Health Organization

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The WHO has issued a stark warning that the world may simply have to learn to live with Donald Trump in the same way it now lives with HIV.

Speaking at a virtual press conference on Wednesday, WHO Director Simon Williams warned against looking to a future in which Donald Trump wasn’t a part of our lives.

“Even if the American electorate find a way to remove him from office, controlling Trump will require a huge effort,” explained Simon.

“He’ll still be a public figure, garnering massive press attention with his insane tweets and perhaps even influencing public policy by ‘investing’ in the right people and companies.

“Think about all the times we thought we’d found a cure for Trump.

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“Insane rants about how people should drink bleach.

“An impeachment trial for soliciting Russian interference in a US election.

“An actual video showing him boasting about what a prolific sex offender he was!

“Then there’s the racism, the lack of sympathy for victims of gun crime, the attempts to curb the freedom of the press.

“But he’s still here. Like measles or HIV or Boris Johnson. We might just have to come to terms with Trump.”

So what practical steps can we take to control and eventually stamp out Donald Trump?

“Don’t give him a platform,” said Simon.

“Social media distancing is really important – resist the temptation to read and retweet his nonsense.

“Try not to talk about Trump, particularly when around people from other households.

“Most importantly – don’t write satirical articles about him. They’re not going to bring down his presidency and they just give him more of the publicity he lives for.”