Angler emerges from weeks of sitting on his own all day, to go and sit on his own all day

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Anglers across England were celebrating yesterday as they emerged from over seven weeks of lockdown and social isolation to go and sit on their own all day with absolutely no one to talk to.

With government easing of restrictions allowing people to finally go fishing again, as long as they are on their own and not close to anyone else, many keen anglers have wasted no time getting their gear together to go and spend hours completely alone staring at a pond.

38-year-old angler Simon Williams, who lives on his own, told us last night, “I’ve been waiting for this for such a long time, it was amazing, just like I imagined.

“For so many weeks now I’ve been sat around at home doing absolutely nothing, just staring at the walls with nobody to talk to.

“So to be able to finally get my rods out and all my kit and head down to the local river to sit there on my own with no one to talk to for six whole hours was just a dream come true.

“You can’t imagine the please of being able to sit alone away from everyone and not talk to a single person. It’s so completely different to being under strict lockdown conditions.

“I left my phone at home too so no one would disturb me, and I just had a wonderful day looking at a line of wire going into the water just in case it moved.”

Asked if he caught anything he replied, “No.”