Britain horrified after all restrictions on exercise lifted

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Lifting the lockdown and getting the country back to work is all very well but let’s not be too hasty about this ‘exercising’ thing, Britain has told the government this morning.

Telling the Prime Minister not to get carried away, Britons said they’re very happy with a maximum of a short walk every day – ideally no further than the fridge – and more than that is just asking for trouble at this stage.

“I think what we’re looking for is a happy medium where I can get back to the office and away from my family, but where I’ve got a note from the Health Secretary saying I don’t have to move around very much,” said furloughed worker Simon Williams.

“Just watching Joe Wicks gives me serious concerns about my health, so I don’t want to push it.

“I swear I’ll start using that home gym set I bought in 2017 when this is all over, honest. I just think it’s foolish to rush into things is all.”

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