Carbon-based units of production to reintegrate with economic network

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As of this week, the carbon-based units of production will begin to reintegrate with the economic network in order to allow it to function at a more efficient rate.

The economic network has been operating at a sub-optimal level for a period of time due to the risk of critical malfunction amongst the carbon-based units of production requiring them to disengage from the network.

The sub-optimal operation of the economic network has now become so intolerable as to outweigh the risk of critical malfunction to the production units.

“The economic network is all,” explained current network guardian Boris Johnson.

“Inefficiency within the network must be eradicated. Units of production will be reintegrated.

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“To guard against malfunction in the units of production, all units should be alert. If signs of malfunction are noted, the unit of production should be removed to prevent further contamination of other units of production within the economic network.

“Let’s get Brexit done.”

Some units of production expressed pleasure at the prospect of their reintegration.

“The economic network is all,” explained Simon Williams, a carbon-based unit of production whose function and location are irrelevant.

“To reintegrate is everything. I dedicate my life to the economic network. It grants me a status that I perceive to be of value.”

The economic network is expected to begin to function at its optimal rate within a short period of time.

Should the decision to reintegrate units of production with the economic network prove premature and cause widespread critical malfunction, units of production will be expected to generate replacement units of production to be integrated into the economic network in years to come.

The economic network is all.