Satirical article more clever than funny

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A recently published satirical article is actually more clever than it is funny, it has been revealed.

The article, entitled ‘Satirical article more clever than funny,’ was published earlier today on popular well-it’s-something-to-read-on-the-bog satire site NewsThump and is, despite initial appearance, not actually very funny at all.

“No, I read it all the way through, and despite some quite nice self-deprecation in the second line, it didn’t really make me laugh,” said Simon Williams, a made-up character in the article who only exists to present a second voice.

“It’s reasonably interesting though, you know? Particularly in the way in continually refers to itself as the article on which it purports to be reporting, so you’re reading an article that is the subject of the article you are reading, I quite liked that.”

At first sight, the article seems to be a comment on the true nature of satirical articles. However, by the time the reader reaches the fifth line, it becomes clear that there is no real substance to that comment and, ultimately, the article only really exists as a shallow comment on itself and as a thinly-veiled critique on the futility of satire.

Clever enough, perhaps. But also perhaps not really worth anyone’s time.

“Yeah, it is clever, I suppose,” continued Williams.

“Although, given the choice, I’d prefer an article about Boris Johnson being a silly fat bastard. But then, I’m just a made-up character in the article who only exists to present a second voice.

“So, what do I know?”