Jeremy Corbyn demands government open talks with coronavirus

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Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has called on the government to open talks with the coronavirus in order to seek a resolution to the current crisis.

“Once again, we see a Tory government immediately turning to a campaign of violence to solve a crisis, using words like ‘destroy’ and ‘eradicate’ with regard to the coronavirus,” said Mr Corbyn.

“Why not just talk instead?”

Mr Corbyn laid out his ideas for what discussions with the coronavirus would look like.

“Meet somewhere neutral, somewhere that the coronavirus isn’t going to feel threatened – no soap, or cleaning products.

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“Then; listen. Find out what the coronavirus wants. It’s a living thing. It has needs and wants, we need to try and understand what they are.

“Finally, keep talking. The only way to resolve this crisis is through talking. Violence will not help.”

Simon Williams, a diehard Corbyn supporter, agreed.

“It’s the MSM,” he claimed, inevitably.

“They’re just promoting the Tory agenda of propping up big pharma and violence and Tony Blair, probably.

“We don’t have to invent a vaccine to kill off the virus, we just need to find a way to live together with it.”

It is thought that Mr Corbyn has come out and made the plea after controversially being pictured meeting the coronavirus at a private event when he referred to it as ‘my friend Covid-19′.

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