You won’t laugh at my child’s name when he’s Emperor of Mars, insists Elon Musk

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People laughing at Elon Musk calling his newborn son X Æ A-12 will be sorry when they’re battling his atomic space-legions in thirty years time, Elon Musk has predicted this morning.

The unusual name, which will look odd on a birth certificate or drivers license but is ideal for emblazoning on the side of a rocket-ship at the head of a legion of Hawk-Men, has excited comment and ridicule in equal measure – leading to Musk warning people they face life in the Plutonium Mines if they don’t knock it off.

It has been suggested that Musk just used his WiFi password as a name, but the entrepreneur insisted that people will know what it means when he carves it into the moon with his giant orbital laser.

The new father went on to say that giving your kids a stupid name like Anakin, Ming or Donald so they’ll be badly bullied at school is just the first step to them growing up into galactic terrors with something to prove.

“Every parent has big dreams for their children, and I’m no different”, said Musk from his Zeppelin hovering in an undisclosed location.

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“Some people want their kids to become a doctor or President, and I want mine to become despot of Jupiter and lord of the Treen armies of Venus.

“From his temple-palace on Olympus Mons, my son shall dominate the solar system and people will say ‘Hey,  that X Æ A-12 worked out pretty well despite the name and his batshit parents.”