Nurse delighted she can finally pay her bills with ‘applause’

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Nurse Simone Williams has thanked the nation for their ongoing weekly ‘clap for the NHS’, after saving enough applause to pay her mortgage this month.

As the popular 8pm applause for the NHS on Thursday evenings continues across the country, those working within the NHS say that it’s a relief to finally be able to put that applause towards their cost of living, rather than having to rely on the meagre wages supplied by the government.

Nurse Williams told us, “I went to the bank this morning and clapped for the bank manager for fifteen minutes just to clear my overdraft, so that was nice.

“I even bought a new fridge for the kitchen and two new tyres for my car, and yes, my hands are red raw from clapping now, but this is so much better than using money.

“I’ve set aside twenty minutes tonight to go and clap for my local take away, so that should see me covered for dinners until the middle of the month.”

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Meanwhile, the government has confirmed it has no plans to tax the applause being earned by NHS workers each week.

Matt Hancock said, “We recognise the value of the applause earned each week, but it wouldn’t be right to take a slice of those earnings, as we do with everything else you earn.

“So let’s make sure we all remember how generous we are being in letting NHS workers keep all that applause for themselves when it comes to pay rise time.

“Because you won’t be needing a pay rise after all this public generosity. Obviously.”

A version of this story first appeared on our German partner site Der Postillon, read the original here