Monday 4 May 2020 by Mark Molloy

Man happy to do ‘PE with Joe’ with his kids after arrival onscreen of former glamour model Mrs Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks PE with Joe with wife Rosie Jones

A man has drastically dramatically altered his children’s homeschooling timetable today to include PE with Joe all morning, and all afternoon after stumbling across this mornings session demonstrated by Joe Wicks former glamour model wife, Rosie.

With the Body Coach currently incapacitated following a recent operation on his wrist, thousands of men tuned in this morning to see his model wife Rosie leading the lesson.

43-year-old father of two Simon Williams, who has up until now only ever completed 20-minutes of one lesson in the first week, told us, “I love Joe Wicks, always have done. Honest. Anyone who says I don’t is lying or taking my previous comments completely out of context.

“We put it on as usual this morning, you know, to get the kids active and that. Anyway, after the first exercise I thought fuck it I’ll stick around and have a go today – I mean, why not, right?

“It was a great lesson. Really really great. The fact that she is a glamour model and former page 3 girl has absolutely nothing to do with my rapt attention to it, I promise.

“At the end of the lesson I decided that today was going to be turned into a fun ‘PE day’ for the kids to kick start the week.

“I think it’s important that we really focus on our fitness so we are going to watch the session again. A few times, to make sure we get it right.

“I might watch it on my own later too. I hope Joe’s wrist is better soon, because mine is going to be fucked by Friday.”

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