Experts claim ‘curve is finally flattening’ with first fall in viral posts about ’10 favourite albums’

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Experts have today announced that the current rate of infection for people posting their ten favourite albums on Facebook has now finally fallen to below 1 for the first time in three weeks.

With a large reduction in the number of uninfected people who have both yet to be tagged, and are also willing share such pointless information for ten consecutive days, it is hoped that the outbreak can be completely eradicated in the next two weeks.

Simon Williams, an expert in such phenomenon who has written a number of papers stretching back to the infamous ice bucket challenge period, told us, “It’s clear that the tide is turning, but we can’t relax just yet.

“Whilst we have seen a clear peak in the number of viral posts, particularly in the early days when no-one really knew how boring it was and just presumed that everyone gave a small shit about what their 6th favourite album was, it’s important to remember that people are still very very bored indeed.

“There is a small risk that if people start to weaken, or claim they are doing it for the NHS for example, numbers could start to rise again very quickly. That’s the nightmare scenario we’re trying to avoid. Yes, the population at large is becoming immune, but if the viral post mutates we could be facing another pandemic.

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“What we have learned from the past, is that once the numbers eventually start to fall, we must maintain a strict method of zero encouragement to come out the other side safely, and that means ignore, ignore, ignore.”