Grown man seriously considering TikTok account as boredom levels continue to rise

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A grown-up man in his forties has today revealed that he is genuinely considering downloading TikTok on to his phone due to the extreme levels of boredom he is now feeling on lockdown.

Simon Williams, a 45-year-old banker from Surrey told us “I know it’s designed for kids with a five-second attention span, I’m not stupid.

“My daughter has got it and she just pisses about doing stupid dances all day and pulling faces at her phone, but to be honest, I’m getting so desperate that it actually looks like it might be fun.

“I’ve read my entire Twitter feed by about 10 o clock most days, and Facebook is currently just full of people telling everyone what their favourite fucking album is, so I don’t know what else to do for the rest of each day – I’m bored shitless.

“This TikTok stuff, it just goes on and on and never stops. You can spend hours on it looking at different idiots lip-synching some shite quotes whilst a daft song plays in the background.

“Or you can look at people making dances up for four hours instead. The remaining days of the lockdown will just fly by, right? That’s definitely what will happen, right?

“I just need to talk the wife into it so we can make up a load of dances together, then it will be great.”

Asked to comment on the possibility of joining her husband on the TikTok account, his wife told us “We’re 45-years-old for God sake, not twelve. Get a grip.”