Donald Trump tipped to win Nobble Prize for spelling

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President Trump is to be awarded the highest honour availed to former reality TV stars – the Nobble Prize for spelling.

After spending the last four years catastrophically tweeting out a string of spelling errors, most notably misspelling ‘Nobel’ when cry-begging to be awarded a Nobel Prize, it was decided that he should be given an ironic award for his spelling, given that he loves sarcasm so much.

Professor Chuck Williams, from the awarding body of the Nobble Prize, told reporters, “This sarcastic award is given to very few people – in fact, this is the first time anyone on such a podium has made enough errors to deserve actually it.

“Donald Trump frequently misspells in his tweets – remember a couple of years when he referred to his wife as ‘Melanie’? Although in fairness, we not ruling out that this could literally be what he thinks her name is.

“It’s amazing he can spell Barack Obama correctly, but I guess when you’re that obsessed with someone and the fact they won a Nobel prize and you haven’t, then you’re probably going to nail the spelling of their name, if not the award.”

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He went on, “Also, Donald Trump is the only person we’ve encountered who seems to misspell words in the same way he says them on TV, which is quite impressive on a number of fronts.”

According to insiders, the President is delighted to have secured the award, as sarcasm is something is he clearly yet to get his head around.