Coronavirus showrunner wants to recast Boris Johnson

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The man in charge of Coronavirus has realised that the lead character of Boris Johnson has been hopelessly miscast.

Coronavirus has been one of the most successful television programmes ever, with most people not even leaving their houses in weeks as they remain glued to their screens.

However, Showrunner Simon Williams is apparently unhappy with the performance of the Boris Johnson character.

“Yeah, I think we got that one wrong,” said Simon.

“The current actor is naturally comedic and gives a wonderfully silly portrayal of a bumbling idiot trying to be serious.

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“He’s comfortable titting around outside Number Ten with a Chinese Dragon. He’s wonderful when it comes to ad-libbing flippant quips about the lack of life-saving ventilators. But that’s not really what we need at this point in the story arc.

“We need someone with gravitas, who appreciates the drama and seriousness of the scenario. I know it’s unprecedented to recast this late into production but I really think it’s the only thing to do.”

With Coronavirus already crippling the UK economy, there are concerns that the costs associated with recasting and reshooting the country’s early response to the crisis would be prohibitive.

“Looking back, we wasted about five weeks of our schedule not getting much done,” said Simon. “But there are ways to do it again properly without doubling the budget.

“One option is to combine the Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Valance roles – call him Patrick Whitty or something.

“We probably don’t need a Medical Advisor as well as a Scientific Advisor – we’ve got far too many old white men bumbling around cocking things up as it is.”