Henry Cavill demands $40m to reprise role as Superman so he can afford an entire box of Primaris Marines

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Speaking of his newly-revealed love of Warhammer, star Henry Cavill has revealed he’d love to reprise the role of Superman as then he’ll be able to afford an entire 1,000 point army.

Cavill, who is understood to have made ‘tens of millions’ from roles in The Witcher, Man from Uncle and Justice League, can only afford to live in a two-bedroom bungalow because of his Games Workshop habit.

Hollywood sources had indicated that Cavill was unlikely to return to the role of Superman, but the actor has said he would be delighted to return as ‘that would be a bumper payday and I can finally get some of those Contemptor Dreadnoughts which look so cool’.

“I blew everything I made on Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman on the 7th edition Traitor Legions codex and Magnus the Red, only for 8th edition to come out immediately afterwards,” said the disgruntled Cavill.

“The only reason I keep making Hollywood blockbuster movies is so I can afford to keep myself in paints and the occasional miniature, and the release of the Custodes pushed me into my overdraft further than I’d like to admit.

“There are more than three hundred and thirty different colours in the paint line alone and my bank manager rang me the other day to ask what the hell I think I’m doing.

“You know how Jonny Depp pretty much went bankrupt? It’s because I challenged him to build a Eldar Corsair army under Imperial Armour rules and that cleaned him right out.”