Player character suffers attack of opportunity after ignoring social distancing rules

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Player character Thrognor the Barbarian has suffered the consequences of ignoring social distancing rules after he entered his opponent’s threatened square today.

The guidelines, which clearly state adventurers should remain at least five feet away from an opponent or risk the unintentional transmission of points of damage, had been described by Thrognor as ‘for other people’, and he had previously told friends that being stabbed by a +3 Sword of Wounding was ‘no worse than the flu’.

“We tried to warn him,” said fellow party member Symbellia the Sorceress.

“Stay in your fortress unless you absolutely have to go out, and even then take a longspear or, better, a missile weapon so you can keep a safe distance from any encounters.

“But no, he had to insist on going down to his local dungeon to get some exercise and now look where that’s got him? He’s got too close to a hobgoblin and now he’s stuck in bed for a few days.

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“He’s asked for curing, but that costs 100gp at the local temple and there are more deserving cases. You have to make these tough choices when you put a price on healthcare.”

Local paladin Harald the Good said that he would like to lay hands on the Barbarian, but he’s Lawful Good and so can’t break the rules to get close enough.

“I don’t make the rules, I just keep them no matter what,” he explained. “This is what happens when you’re chaotic as far as I’m concerned.”

When asked, Thrognor said he recognised he’d been stupid but he still intends to visit his nice little second fortress on the coast at the weekend to recuperate regardless of whether or not he’s now carrying mummy rot.