Coronavirus caused 5G

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In a surprising new development in the story of the link between coronavirus and 5G, it has been suggested that 5G is the result of coronavirus.

“Think about it,” said Simon Williams, a free-thinking free-thinker who knows what’s really going on.

“5G? It just appeared out of nowhere. It’s like, everyone was fine with 4G but then 5G appears, without warning.

“And, coronavirus has only been about for a month or so, right?

“Wrong! It’s only been about in Europe for a month or so, but it was in China before that and China is this, like, totally ancient society that goes back millions of years.

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“So, coronavirus could have been about for, like, millions of years.”

Mr Williams made the connection when the virus arrived in the West.

“It was just, like, everyone stay in your homes and, by the way, we’ve got this 5G thing that we don’t know where it came from.

“It’s obvious man, 5G was caused by coronavirus.”

He went on to explain why coronavirus would have caused 5G.

“To spread coronavirus,” he said, laughing at people’s naivety.

“I mean, we know that 5G causes coronavirus, right? Everyone knows that.

“So it stands to reason that coronavirus must have created 5G to create more coronavirus.

“Science bitches!”