Tiger King sequel to feature London family who share their house with a bear

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Producers of the hit Netflix series ‘Tiger King’ are understood to have already moved ahead with production of a sequel about a London family who keep a bear in their house.

Tiger King, which stunned audiences with its tale of insanity and potential murder, will be followed by ‘Brown Bear’ – which documentary makers promise will be even more unbelievable.

“It’s wild, “said documentary-maker Simon Williams.

“You think Joe Exotic is bad? This family literally just found a bear in the street and took it home and stuck it in their loft above two small children.

“The father – Mister Brown – claims to be a health and safety expert, but the animal just wanders about taking jobs like hairdresser and window-cleaner with no restraints, and he feeds it some kind of jam.

“Other characters in this menagerie include Mrs Bird, an alcoholic who just moved in with the family one day and nobody minded, and Mister Curry, their next-door neighbour who tries to warn the authorities of the danger and suffers repeated humiliation as a result.”

Audiences are warned they will be shocked by the level of criminality the family engage in, including multiple counts of breaking and entering, stealing a train, and organising a prison break of several violent and dangerous convicts.