Keir Starmer denies links to Jeremy Corbyn

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Newly-elected Labour leader Keir Starmer has been forced to downplay links to noted revolutionary firebrand Jeremy Corbyn, despite the two having shared a platform on several occasions.

Corbyn, who until recently headed-up an organisation called ‘The Labour Party’, which is understood to have links to several notorious international terror groups, has appeared at a number of the same speaking engagements as Starmer over the years despite the two ‘having nothing in common’.

Sources close to Starmer suggest that photos of him and Corbyn together appearing so quickly after his election may be down to a coordinated ‘hit’ by the Conservatives designed to undermine his credibility at an early stage of his leadership.

“This is obviously very embarrassing for Keir,”, Labour insiders told us.

“Only two days into his leadership and news of these dodgy old relationships start coming out of the woodwork.

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“Nobody really thinks he shares any of Corbyn’s extremist ideology or affiliations, but already the story is ‘what did you say when you met Jeremy Corbyn and do you agree with him?’ and that’s going to be difficult for him to get past.”