Curve finally flattening as WhatsApp confirms number of shared ‘hilarious’ lockdown videos falls for the third day running

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WhatsApp has revealed that the number of funny memes and videos about social distancing measures due to coronavirus – which have been constantly forwarded amongst insanely bored users since the lockdown began – has now fallen again today for the third day running.

The figures, which show a fall of 2.4% in the number of ‘funny’ jokes being sent on the platform has come as s relief to many users who were finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with volume.

One user, Simon Williams from Bristol, spoke to us as his phone was beeping away in the background, “I’m really struggling at the minute, it’s constant.

“I’m getting new jokes every 4 or 5 minutes, and then I’m forwarding them on to different groups, who are forwarding the same ones back to me because no one can remember who they have even sent them to anymore. It’s taking over my life.”

Social media expert Jeremy Webb from Bristol thinks there is a possibility that the jokes could actually, finally, be running out.

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“It is clear that from these latest figures that we are reaching, or have reached the peak of this social media epidemic. We are now seeing a much flatter the curve on the number of jokes and videos people have to deal with on a daily basis, which is a relief to everyone.”

He continued, “The main thing now is to ensure that the figures continue to fall by only forwarding on jokes that you have definitely not seen before and ones that are very, very funny.”