Man who wants millionaire footballers to donate wages to help hospices still hasn’t asked millionaire Tory donors to do the same

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Matt Hancock has said it would be a nice idea for millionaire footballers to take a pay cut and give that money to struggling hospices instead, seemingly unaware there are plenty of other millionaires who don’t do that currently.

As footballers come under increasing pressure to forgo chunks of their wages at this difficult time for the country, the government seems to only want to take money from those millionaires who almost exclusively come from working-class backgrounds.

Football correspondent Jason Matthews told us, “If you inherited your millionaire status, or made it selling a company or two, or maybe made it gambling in the stock market, it seems your money isn’t good enough to help the NHS or the hospices that currently need more money.

“Certainly Matt Hancock has no interest in asking you for that money.  And if you’re lucky enough to be one of those billionaires that donates to the Tories, I suspect no-one has come cap in hand to you asking for a donation to the NHS.  Hell, you’ve probably been offered a government bailout, considering you’re a ‘wealth creator’.

“But if you kick a ball around, and earn the sort of money associated with C-level roles in FTSE 100 companies, then your money is obviously much more attractive to hospices.”

The move has also been criticised by football fans.

Season ticket holder Simon Williams told us, “Instead of asking a very specific subset of millionaires for money, why not take a bit of money from all the millionaires, I don’t know, maybe using the well-established technique knowns as ‘taxation’?

“Or is that not a vote-winner?”