Rebecca Long-Bailey wins the argument

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There were jubilant scenes on the Corbynite wing of the Labour party after the results of the leadership election appeared to confirm that Rebecca Long-Bailey had won the argument.

“Once again, the Corbynite philosophy has triumphed,” said Simon Williams, a man on the internet who once had a passing meeting with reality.

“Rebecca Long-Bailey has clearly won the argument in the leadership contest and, despite what the results may show, it’s claiming that you won the argument that’s what counts in elections.”

The official leadership election results showed a resounding first-round overall win for Kier Starmer.

“Well, obviously the MSM is going to focus on that. They’re clearly biased against Rebecca and Corbynism and so will do everything they can to show her in a bad light by just going on about the number of votes that each candidate received.

“What Laura Kuenssberg – or ‘Tory Kuenssberg’ as I call her – what she and her friends in the media need to realise is that elections aren’t just about counting up the number of votes each candidate received and naming the winner based on who has the most, they’re also about who won the argument.

“And that was definitely Rebecca Long-Bailey.

“So, I think it’s clear that Corbynism, after winning the argument in the General Election, and then again in this leadership election has shown that it remains the dominant force in British Politics.”

Mr Williams did concede that, regarding the Deputy Leadership election, Richard Bergen failed to win the argument.

“No, he was shit.”