Man who ‘wouldn’t wish these inhumane lockdown measures on his worst enemy’ also favours much tougher prison sentences

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A man who has described the current lockdown as ‘a barbaric attack on our freedoms that I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy’, is also in favour of putting benefit cheats in prison for life.

Derek Williams, 59, insists that the current lockdown is the sort of thing he’d expect to see in Nazi Germany, not in the country he loves that has just escaped the clutches of the draconian EU.

He told us, “Being told you can’t leave your house? What is this, Berlin in 1940? The absolute worst thing you can do to another human being is to deprive them of their freedoms, and it never leads anywhere good.

“I’ve only been locked down for nine days, and I’m already looking at more ways I can break the law to get out and about.

“Imagine what I’ll be willing to do after a few months of this, when all I’ve been able to do is walk around my house and go outside in the garden whenever I like, and only being able to watch an Internet full of TV and stuff. I’ll probably be a hardcore criminal by then!

“Locking people up like this just doesn’t work and has loads of unforeseen negative consequences for those involved.

“But rest assured, there is nothing inconsistent about believing this lockdown is completely inhumane and does nothing but encourage criminal thinking among the previously law-abiding, and also thinking prison sentences are way too short.

“Benefit cheats? Lock ’em up for life.  There is just no helping people like that, so locking them up and throwing away the key is obviously the only way to teach them the error of their ways.