Man who spent entire Brexit period saying economic forecasts are ‘just guesses’ now wants to let old people die because of economic forecasts

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A man who spent the entirety of the four-year Brexit debate insisting that economic forecasts can’t be trusted because they’re basically just guesses, is now willing to let the nation’s old and infirm die because of an economic forecast.

Simon Williams, 38, was a huge supporter of the Brexit movement, and was quick to point out to anyone who argued leaving the EU could wreak economic harm on the country that economic forecasts are essentially just guesses, and that they are almost always wrong.

He told us, “I wouldn’t trust an economist as far as I could throw him, unless of course, he’s advocating a plan of action which I personally think is the right one.

“When looking to see whether an economic forecast should be trusted, or not, I think what it comes down to is whether the economic forecast is useful to my argument, or not.

“Just because I ignored an entire industry full of economists to push for a Brexit they all agreed would be harmful to the economy, doesn’t mean I have to keep ignoring them now just to keep a few thousand people alive.

“If anything, Brexit has probably made them better at forecasting, so when they say that saving a couple of hundred thousand lives will crash the economy, I think we should listen.

“Old people are great, I’ve met a few. One of them even gave birth to me, but everything has its price – and if keeping them alive means a double-digit dip on my investment portfolio, then I’m all for letting most of them snuff it.”