Downing Street kicks off April Fools with hilarious claim that Boris Johnson is ‘working hard from home’

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Downing Street has tried to bring some much-needed levity to an anxious nation by creating a fun video that portrays a topsy-turvy world where a notoriously lazy politician decides to read briefing papers instead of just getting drunk and wanking all afternoon.

The amusing video – distributed as a ‘press release’ – had an ingenious montage of an incredibly out-of-character Boris Johnson chairing a digital cabinet and video-conferencing with health experts.

Head of Communications Simone Williams explained that, although it might seem frivolous, the government was keen to ensure cherished traditions like the April Fools media prank could continue.

“We wanted to show that British humour would not be cowed by the virus. Boris insisted to play a zany version of himself that actually gave a fuck about being PM beyond free port and pretending he’s Churchill.”

Asked if it was appropriate to release a false statement in an age of fake news and rampant conspiracy theories during a pandemic, Ms Williams affirmed that the preposterous nature of claiming Boris Johnson might do a solid day’s work, guaranteed no one would be genuinely taken in.

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“We thought of coming up with yet another story about Larry the Cat becoming Sports Minister on a technicality but we know that social media can give life to anything so we decided to play it safe and go full Monty Python.

“Plus everyone is on the lookout for spoofs today. I’m confident the British public is fully aware that the PM has neither the inclination nor the ability to discuss complex matters of epidemiology.

“The people voted for a bone-idle dilettante who thinks details are for swots and that is exactly who they are getting.”