Bored Britons on lockdown grateful for opportunity to spend four hours changing all clocks in the house

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Britons a week into lockdown have announced their gratitude for the opportunity of undertaking a task that wasted a few of the hours they have going spare.

As the clocks went forwards across the country at the weekend, millions of people were delighted to find themselves with something to do once they realised they all owned clocks that didn’t change automatically.

Simon Williams told us, “I know how to change the time on the oven, but I thought it would be a good time to check that we still have the manual. Which meant a trip to the loft, checking inside a few boxes, and then bringing the manual down for a quick read.

“It turns out changing the clock is done exactly how I thought it was, but it was good to use up a few hours getting there. I also learned the correct way to clean the oven.  But I’m not that desperate for something to do. Yet. Ask me again in week three.”

Despite nobody being able to remember exactly why we change the clocks, there has been universal acclaim for the ancestors that decided to make it a thing.

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“I alphabetised my Freezer on Saturday, so to say I was delighted to spend four hours changing all the clocks in the house on Sunday is something of an understatement.

“Is there any way we could arrange to change them every week until this is all over?”