Considerate BMW driver maintaining 6-foot social distancing from car in front

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BMW driver Simon Williams is doing his bit in the fight against Coronavirus by keeping an ‘unusually large’ six-foot gap between his car and the one in front, it has emerged.

Simon has moderated his driving in response to government guidelines about the disease, telling us that under normal circumstances he feels about 18 inches from the rear end of the next car is sufficient, but with such an infectious disease about he’s being much more careful than usual.

“Because of the virus I’m deliberately leaving a large safety distance in case it can spread through vehicle ventilation systems”, he told us.

“I don’t want to be putting anyone in danger by driving too close under current circumstances. If I had it and gave it to some granny I’d never forgive myself.

“Of course, when all of this is over I’ll be back to sitting right up the arse of their Fiat Punto revving hard until they panic and career off the road.”

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This joke was first published on our German partner site, Der Postillon, you can see the original here.