Government updates Coronavirus advice: “Get used to idea of also losing unloved ones”

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The government has updated it’s coronavirus advice after Boris Johnson contracted the disease, insist people should also prepare to lose people they don’t love at all.

Having previously said that a great many people should prepare to lose loved ones, the update guidance issued in the last half an hour says Covid-19 could also take people who aren’t popular at all.

The new guidance reads, “It’s not just your granny, it’s not just your nice neighbour with pre-existing conditions, Covid-19 doesn’t discriminate and could also take politicians you couldn’t care less for.

“We urge everyone to prepare for the potential loss of someone they don’t like very much.

“Today it’s Boris, tomorrow it could be Prince Andrew or Piers Morgan. As the spread of the virus continues it is an unfortunate reality that we will lose some people that won’t bother us very much at all.

“Stay at home, and stay safe.”

This article first appeared on our Italian partner site Lercio, you can see it here