Americans across the US arrange synchronised applause for insurance executives they hope will let them get treatment if they get sick

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This evening at 8pm Americans across the US will unite in celebration of the people who might get to make life and death decisions on their behalf in the next few weeks.

Citizens have been encouraged to open their front doors for a minute-long synchronised applause for insurance executives, who will be working night and day in the coming weeks to determine who gets the treatment they need, and who does not.

Chuck Williams told us, “As a true American patriot, it warms my heart to see so many people coming together to celebrate those who hold our lives in their hands.

“So much of their work goes unseen, and it’s only when you really need their help that you can finally see what power they have over whether you live or die.

“I am proud to applaud them, and can’t imagine what it must be like in one of those socialist countries where you get cared for at the point of need, whether you have insurance, or not. That must utterly be horrific.

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“Do they even have medical insurance executives in those countries? How primitive.

“If I am to get coronavirus and die, I will do it the good old fashioned American way – at home without treatment because of a small-print clause in my insurance contract that absolves my carrier of having to provide cover for it.”