Self-employed plumber asks to quickly change his last tax return as he made a slight mistake in what he said he earns

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A plumber from Bolton has today called on the government urgently reveal measures to help the self-employed, and also asked if he can quickly change his last couple of tax returns as he made a slight mistake in the amount he said he earned.

With the Chancellor due to unveil a rescue package for self-employed workers later today which it is hoped will guarantee up to 80% of each self-employed workers earnings, Garry Foster, who normally earns approximately £42k per year as a plumber explains that he has made a daft mistake.

“It’s a bit embarrassing really. When I heard about the government’s plans I checked back through my last tax return and I’ve told them I only earn £9,800.00 per year. I feel like a complete idiot! It’s an honest mistake though.”

He continued, “I think it’s because the number one is quite close to the number four on the keyboard, I must have pressed the wrong one. What a tool! Anyway, can I change it? Just so I can get the correct amount of support now?”

A spokesman for the HMRC was quick to respond this morning, telling us, “We are far too busy to accept any amendments to previous tax returns I’m afraid, but we will be happy to contribute a percentage to the £188 per week Mr Foster claims to have earned for the last few years.”