Parents delight at being able to criticise daughter using videoconferencing software

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A woman’s parents have spoken of their delight at being able to criticise their daughter using free videoconferencing software.

“Well, it took three days to get the stupid thing set up, and some considerable language,” explained Janet Williams, a retired HR manager from Chelmsford.

“But then Simon was able to get through to some people on the phone and we got it working.

“So, yesterday it was a real relief to be able to spend a good hour and a half on with Jess explaining why she isn’t able to get a boyfriend and telling her that, just because she can’t leave the flat, there’s no excuse for having her hair like that.”

The Williams’s now plan to contact their daughter every evening for at least half an hour and then for longer hour-long sessions at the weekend.

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“We could see the state of her flat, it’s a sty. What if the Ocado driver saw that? She needs to be told. And I don’t know if she’s using this time on lockdown to try to improve her chances at promotion, because at her age I was already in management.

“It’s really something that, because of this videoconferencing software, even a global pandemic and nation lockdown can’t stop us talking to her about these things.”

It is understood that Jessica, the Williams’ daughter, is currently considering exposing herself to the virus.