Albert Uderzo retires to the Mansions of the Gods

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The gods Belenos and Toutatis are reported to be preparing an enormous welcoming feast of roast boar in honour of their newest arrival, after Albert Uderzo died at the age of 92 overnight.

Uderzo, who drew Asterix for more than half a century, gave the French a postwar tale of invincible resistance standing up to an invading conqueror which a nation rediscovering its confidence needed – and filled it with visual jokes about short-tempered blacksmiths, hopeless bards and a fishmonger who you wouldn’t want anywhere near your local market.

As an artist, Uderzo possessed the ability to create instantly recognisable caricatures both of historical figures and distinct types, telling his audience instantly everything they needed to know about a character before they even spoke any dialogue.

Speaking from the dwellings of the Gods, Rene Goscinny told NewsThump that he was looking forward to meeting up with his old collaborator again.

“I’ve got some terrific ideas lined up for new stories,” he confided.

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Goscinny explained that had not been idle, explaining, “I’ve been chatting to plenty of legendary Gaulish warriors and druids while I’ve been here. In between feasting, of course. You lot have some great stuff to look forward to when you get up here and join us.”

When asked, Asterix and Obelix replied, “The sky has fallen on our heads.”