Woman with no kids curls up on sofa to enjoy ‘PE with Joe’

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Basingstoke resident Amanda Williams took 30 minutes out for herself this morning to enjoy watching Joe Wicks workout live on YouTube.

As tens of thousands tuned in to watch with their kids on who are on the first day of homeschooling, audience figures revealed it wasn’t just desperate parents that logged in to watch the workout, with women across the country sat patiently waiting for the session to begin at 9am.

Thirty-year-old Williams told us, “It’s Monday morning, and that means starting the week on the right foot – and in a world of social distancing that involves a nice hot chocolate, a couple of biscuits, and Joe Wicks spending 30 minutes demonstrating what great shape he’s in. The great shape all of him is in. Every. Single. Bit.

“I could watch him doing squats all day long, but throw in a couple of press-ups with that perfect form of his and I am ready for action and the day ahead.

“Look, we all know the point of the live session is to get the nation’s heart rates going, so as far as I’m concerned it was a massive success.

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“Yes, of course I will be tuning in tomorrow.”