BBC accused of ‘clear and obvious bias’ against Coronavirus

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This BBC has come in for criticism over what some people are calling a ‘clear bias’ against coronavirus.

“As the national broadcaster, the BBC has a duty to remain unbiased on all issues of the day,” explained popular trumpet of idiocy and self-proclaimed expert on communicable disease prevention, Nigel Farage.

“But, to look at recent coverage, it is clear that there is an agenda that runs throughout the corporation that is completely opposed to the coronavirus.”

Mr Farage took an example of an interview from BBC Breakfast, yesterday morning.

“They were interviewing a scientist about how to eradicate the coronavirus, and I waited patiently for them to introduce another scientist who might present the opposing view – that coronavirus should be nurtured and encouraged, and that humanity should learn to live alongside it.

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“But that never came and I’m sorry to say that the BBC appears to have a clear bias against the coronavirus.”

Mr Farage went on to complain that the bias permeated through all the BBC’s reporting on the subject.

“Wash your hands, it says, but where is the opposing view that not washing your hands could save valuable seconds?

“Sneeze into your elbow? But I might want to sneeze into my crotch?

“It’s not the BBC’s place to dictate my behaviour, but to present the different sides of the debate and let me make my choice.”

It is understood that, later today, Mr Farage will call for the BBC to screen an interview with the coronavirus to allow it to put across its side of the story.