Worried nation demands reassurance Richard Branson will not be financially impacted by coronavirus

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Following Richard Branson’s call on the Government for financial aid to keep Virgin Atlantic in business during the coronavirus crisis, a worried nation is demanding reassurance that the Government will step in and that Mr Branson’s vast personal wealth will not be impacted in any way whatsoever.

“I understand that Mr Branson has asked his entire workforce to take eight weeks unpaid leave,” said Simon Williams, a plumber who has enough savings to look after his family for about six weeks without working.

“That’s good. That’s right. I mean, I think his staff should be pulling together to help him. Otherwise, he might have to dip into his £3.8 billion fortune, and nobody wants to see him have to do that.

“That would be awful.”

Mr Williams also echoed the sentiments of millions as he called on the Government to do more to help Mr Branson.

He went on, “I’m just not comfortable with the money I pay in taxes going to hospitals and nurses and all that, when it could be going into a comprehensive package of aid to make sure that Virgin Atlantic’s major shareholders don’t end up making a loss this year.

“I mean, we’re British, for God’s sake. Surely Richard Branson won’t be left to cope on his own with nothing more than a huge personal fortune and a private island in the Caribbean?”

Mr Williams then made his way into the hospital to visit his 87-year-old mother who was currently waiting for her turn on a respirator.